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Reminder: Don't steal Jeter's equipment

Oh, Ruben Rivera.

The Yankees brought the outfielder back for Spring Training on this date in 2002, less than five years after trading him to the Padres in a deal that brought Hideki Irabu and Homer Bush to New York. This is significant not because Rivera was a key piece to a playoff team or an exceptional talent, but because of what soon followed.

Rivera went into Derek Jeter's locker - that of his All-Star teammate who had just come a half-inning away from a fourth straight World Series title - one afternoon in Tampa, removed a bat and glove and sold them to a sports memorabilia dealer for $2,500. The Yanks subsequently released him, and Rivera was never given a second chance.

Except when the Yankees signed him again in 2005. But he never saw the Bronx grass and was released a month later.

Also, on this date in 1884, the Washington Nationals purchased Bob Barr from the Pittsburgh Alleghenys for $100. Because, you know, 128 years ago you could buy a baseball player for the same price as an iPod.

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