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Richard Sherman nails perfect first pitch, your move Skip Bayless

All-Pro Stanford graduate Richard Sherman of the Seahawks was at Safeco Field Thursday, along with fellow members of Seattle's "Legion of Boom" defensive backfield. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch, and it is possibly the most impressive one we've seen in the young season. Not only did the cornerback take the mound with a glove (always a good sign), he toed the rubber, came to a set position, checked imaginary baserunners, and delivered a perfect strike to catcher Brandon Maurer.

As anyone who saw his infamous appearance on First Take can tell you, Sherman is definitely an elite trashtalker. And while we're unsure if bragging across the line of scrimmage about this pitch would, say, intimidate Larry Fitzgerald, he would definitely be justified in doing so.

-- Dan Wohl /