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Move aside, organ: The Rockies have commissioned an orchestral theme song

As great as "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is, the Rockies have decided they're in need of something a bit grander in the musical department. The team has come up with something different to accompany them when they take the field: a two-minute orchestra piece by composer Charles Denler, appropriately titled "Take The Field."

In addition to the main taking-the-field theme, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra has recorded a version to fit all kinds of game situations. Denler told the Denver Business Journal that fans at Coors Field will hear "a big 'Star Wars'-y variation and a very serious, pensive, we're-going-to-make-it-through-this variation, and the main theme, which is very upbeat and very aggressive in a good sportsman kind of way."

The Rangers visit Colorado this year from May 5-6, and you can expect Prince Fielder to be appreciative of the new musical direction. For a time last season the slugger used Mozart's "Requiem in D Minor" as his walkup song.

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