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Spotted: Ron Gardenhire's doppelganger at a Twins-Tigers game

If Ron Gardenhire's in the dugout, then who's in the stands? This fan could simply be his look-alike, or he could be proof that human cloning is real:


The man on the left is allegedly a Tigers fan named Doug Wortman from Byron Center, MI. Though this is the first time he's impersonated him, people have been telling him he resembles the Twins manager for decades.  

One fan even asked the faux-Gardenhire to sign his ball, but Wortman said he signed his own name:


Wortman said the real Gardenhire noticed his attire and acknowledged it with a quiet smile. Was this a kind gesture or was it a nod between fellow members of the clone conspiracy? Catch it all on BBC America's: 


Photos and reporting by Mark Pierce, Real-Time Correspondent/