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Ronald Belisario's tracking system was offline when he airmailed this pitch to the backstop

Belisario's tracking system was offline on wild pitch

I don't want to alarm you (if you're even able to read this without THE MAN taking the post down), but many Major League players have already been replaced by robots. It's true. With the great advances that medical science is making, all in the hopes of building a robot society that we can upload our consciousnesses into and therefore live forever, they knew they needed to test them out. Enter Major League Baseball. 

I mean, how else can you explain this:

Wake up, sheeple! The conspiracy is real! And there was further proof of it on Monday night. With Jason Kipnis on third base and Michael Brantley at the plate in the top of the ninth inning of the Rays-Indians game, Ronald Belisario was trying to set up the double play by intentionally walking Brantley. One problem: His guidance system was on the fritz and his lob flew over to the backstop. 


While Belisario was able to finish the inning, he would end up throwing another wild pitch before it was over. He probably just needs a software update -- hopefully before this happens: 

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