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In 1988, President Ronald Reagan threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field … and took a mulligan

In '88, President Reagan took a first-pitch mulligan

If at first you don't succeed ... dust yourself off and try again. Aaliyah taught us that.


But she might have learned that lesson from President Ronald Reagan, who took a mulligan when he threw out a first pitch at Wrigley Field in 1988. 

President Reagan made his dramatic appearance at the Friendly Confines as the Cubs were set to host the Pirates for the final series of the 1988 regular season. Interestingly, Reagan got his start in show business in the 1930s as the play-by-play broadcaster for the Cubs. Unfortunately for him, he did so from Iowa, where he wasn't actually able to watch the games (he'd read wire transcripts of the plays and react accordingly).

So, as he finally walked out to the mound on the North Side, all eyes turned to the leader of the free world -- and President Reagan sailed his first pitch up and in to an imaginary right-handed hitter:


He was no 50 Cent, but he certainly wasn't Karl-Anthony Towns, either. After signing a few autographs, including one for Cubs catcher Damon Berryhill, Reagan opted to take another baseball out of his pocket and give it the ol' college try once more -- this time, to a better result.

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