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Firemen almost had to rescue Hector Rondon from the bullpen bathroom during NLDS Game 1

Rondon was trapped in bathroom after NLDS Game 1

My greatest fear is being stuck in an elevator, but the experience Cubs closer Hector Rondon had after NLDS Game 1 is a pretty close second. According to AP, he was trapped in the bullpen bathroom during the game: 

Chicago Cubs closer Hector Rondon got stuck in the bullpen bathroom for several minutes during Game 1 of the NL Division Series.

Joe Walsh, St. Louis' director of stadium operations, said the latch froze during the latter innings of the Cardinals' 4-0 win Friday night.

Rondon told's Carrie Muskat that he didn't think he was being pranked. "I closed the door and when I tried to get out, I was stuck. I was there for like five minutes. I was knocking on the door, saying, 'Hey, I'm locked in.'" 

Luckily, the Busch Stadium staff was able to fix the lock, but they had a backup plan:

Walsh said city fire department officials had been on standby before personnel got the lock to function.

For some reason, I'm imagining this scenario like this:


Probably because Rondon's own solution to the problem seemed to involve heights. 

"I started looking which way to get out, and I thought, 'Oh my God, I might have to jump,'" he said, leading me to the conclusion that baseball players stuck in bathrooms and cats stuck in trees are exactly the same thing. 

Thankfully, no ladders were necessary. 

"They finally opened the door," said Rondon. 

Reporting by Carrie Muskat /  

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