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Rougned Odor reveals he's a wizard while running the basepaths against the Blue Jays

Following Game 1 of the Rangers-Blue Jays ALDS, we introduced you to Rougned Odor's highly scientific O.D.O.R. system of baseball. What we didn't tell you is that in addition to his technical wizardry, Odor is also an actual magic wizard.

We find evidence of Odor's magical prowess not in the halls of Hogwarts, but on the basepaths during the second inning ofFriday afternoon's Game 2.

First, while stationed on first base, Odor turned a chopper to the pitcher into an opportunity to take third base. If you look closely, it becomes apparent that he accomplished this by using his powers to force Donaldson away from his post at the hot corner and move him to the middle of the infield.


Second, when Odor scored a run on a shallow sacrifice fly, he did so by transforming his body into an untaggable vapor.


Raise your hand if you just exclaimed, "You're a wizard, Rougned!"

With this revelation, Odor presents an interesting take on the notion of a two-way player. Unlike most two-wayers, Odor's duplicity isn't positional. It's supernatural: He can score runs systematically, or through pure witchcraft. Just try game-planning for that.