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The Royals are quoting 'Trap Queen' in interviews and fining each other if they mess up

Royals quote song 'Trap Queen' in interviews

If you haven't heard Fetty Wap's song of the summer "Trap Queen": Good morning! How was your yearlong nap? The impossibly catchy track has been everywhere since early May, including Kauffman Stadium. It's Lorenzo Cain's walk-up music and it's even infiltrating the Royals' postgame interviews.

Sadly, there's no singing. They've instead chosen a much subtler nod to the song. So subtle, it wasn't immediately clear to the Kansas City Star's Andy McCullough :

Fetty sings "1738" at the beginning of the song, referencing a brand of cognac that shows up in the video. But the Royals have managed to turn it into a reference to everything:

Now that the secret's out, everyone is joining in:

Not into the Royals' new thing? You can start hating, they'll just call you fans, though. They're in love with Fetty and they're never letting go. 

h/t: Deadspin

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