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The Royals won their first postseason game since 1985 and this fan is (probably) getting a puppy

Things looked bleak for Kansas City fans when the Royals entered the 8th inning of Tuesday night's AL Wild Card game down 7-3 to Oakland. Sure, in part that was because they wanted to see their team win its first postseason game since 1985. But also because this fan, spotted early in the game on TBS' broadcast, deserved to get her puppy.

Thanks to seven steals and an amazing 12th-inning triple by Eric Hosmer, not only will the Royals continue playing into October, but some lucky pup out there is presumably going to have a new home.

Now all that's left (besides an ALDS matchup against the Angels) is figuring out what to name the dog. Personally, I'm partial to Alcides Escobark. Though I will also accept Eric Houndsmer. (I'm so sorry. Not really.)