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Today in Parkour with Russell Martin: Russell Martin scales dugout railing, lands like ninja

Martin leaps over dugout railing, lands on his feet

When last we saw Russell Martin, he was treating the netting behind home plate at Yankee Stadium like his own personal jungle gym. We figured he might be trying to say hi to some old New York buddies, or sneak a quick bite of a hot dog in between pitches.

Never in our wildest dreams did we suspect that the Russell Martin Parkour Revolution was upon us. And yet, here we are, with Martin clambering over the dugout railing like so many steps to the sky on Tuesday against the A's. His pursuit of the foul ball unsuccessful, he proceeded to hop down to the ground like some kind of cat/human hybrid:

Martin dugout catch

At this point, we can only assume that Martin will go full King Kong before the season's out. Watch yourself, CN Tower

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