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The Padres unveiled their new uniforms, including the return of the yellow and brown

Padres unveil new unis, including brown and yellow

The All-Star Game will be coming to San Diego in 2016. And, given that they'll be hosting the biggest names in baseball, the Padres decided they had to dress to impress -- with some brand new uniforms they'll be debuting next season. They even added a gold trim to go with the blue interlocking "SD" logo: 

Even the team's camo alternates are getting a makeover; in an homage to the Navy, which has a significant presence in the city, the Padres will be going with a blue look that James Shields is already crushing (plus, it's aircraft carrier approved):

Which is all well and good. But, much as we love us some camo, there was a far more important development to attend to. Having whetted our appetite with some solid new threads, San Diego dropped a bombshell: After years of longing from baseball fans and lovers of outlandish colors alike, the old brown and yellow uniforms were coming back. 


Somebody tell this guy the good news, and make sure he remembers to breathe. And if you're looking to add any of these beauties to your wardrobe, you can buy them from the shop here. The camo jerseys won't be available until February, so you'll just have to pick up the other two in the meantime. 

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