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Sandy Koufax, Magic Johnson and the star-studded Dodger Stadium Opening Day video

You want stars?

We got your Tommy Lasorda. We got your Kobe Bryant. We've got Landon Donovan, Dustin Brown, and Kevin Hart, who I'm told is actually 3-foot-2. Snoop Dogg, Oscar De La Hoya and a Modern Family bit. Sam Jackson without swear words. Britney Spears with hair. The good ambassadors of Lob City. Kareem and Magic. Believe it or not, that's only half the cast of this celebrity-filled Jumbotron intro.

Then, once the video ended, the Dodger Stadium theatrics reached a fever pitch.

As Magic Johnson strode to the mound to throw out the ceremonial toss, Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly left the dugout to have a word with the NBA Hall of Famer. Motioning to the bullpen, Mattingly had clearly seen enough from his starter, and opted to go with a more steady relief ace -- Sandy Koufax.

With the perfect dramatic flair, the 2013 Dodgers kicked off the season and showed just how great a baseball town Hollywood can be.

-- Dakota Gardner /