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Mike Schmidt's Draft story included a scout's house call and his dad negotiating his contract

While discussing whom the Phillies might select in Monday's MLB Draft, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt shared a story about his selection back in 1971. As you can probably gather, times have changed just a little bit.

"The next day, [Phillies scout] Mr. Lucadello came to the house, pulled in the driveway, opened his trunk and he pulled out a typewriter. He pulled a typewriter out, walked in the house, set the typewriter down, had a piece of paper and said, "We're prepared to offer Mike $25,000 if he'll sign with the Phillies right now."
And my father said, "No way. Come back when you can give us $40,000."
We ended up settling on $37,500 and I went out and bought a Corvette for $7,000."

The scout came to his house?! Dad was negotiating his contract??! A Corvette for $7,000!!! 

Schmidt was selected in the 2nd round of the '71 Draft. Last year, players taken in the second round averaged a signing bonus of about $1 million.