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Mike Schmidt's Draft story included a scout's house call and his dad negotiating his contract

Schmidt's Draft story includes typewriter, agent dad

While discussing whom the Phillies might select in Monday's MLB Draft, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt shared a story about his selection back in 1971. As you can probably gather, times have changed just a little bit.

"The next day, [Phillies scout] Mr. Lucadello came to the house, pulled in the driveway, opened his trunk and he pulled out a typewriter. He pulled a typewriter out, walked in the house, set the typewriter down, had a piece of paper and said, "We're prepared to offer Mike $25,000 if he'll sign with the Phillies right now."
And my father said, "No way. Come back when you can give us $40,000."
We ended up settling on $37,500 and I went out and bought a Corvette for $7,000."

The scout came to his house?! Dad was negotiating his contract??! A Corvette for $7,000!!! 

Schmidt was selected in the 2nd round of the '71 Draft. Last year, players taken in the second round averaged a signing bonus of about $1 million.  

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