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'Parade day' is the new 'snow day' because Missouri districts canceled school for the Royals

How excited are Kansas City fans about their Royals winning the 2015 World Series? So excited their initial celebrations showed up on the National Weather Service's radar. So excited that ... they went ahead and canceled school on Tuesday because they didn't expect anyone to show up if they didn't.

On Monday, the Royals beat the Mets, 7-2, in Game 5 of the World Series to secure the franchise's first World Series championship in 30 years. As Game 5 took place in New York, Monday was a travel day for the new champs, so the traditional ticker-tape parade is slated for Tuesday back in KC. 

Schools in Kansas City's surrounding counties figured that attendance would be extremely low because kids would be at the parade, so they just went ahead and bagged class altogether.

"With the parade happening in the middle of the day, we know this could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for our staff, students, families and community," according to a statement from the Independence School District. "With concerns citywide about available staffing and substitutes, we ultimately have made the decision to call off school tomorrow. This will mean we will extend the school year by one day in order to meet state requirements."

Metropolitan Community College, which touts former Royals owner Ewing Kauffman as its most prestigious alumnus, also canceled classes for the celebration. 

Schools in the Kansas City School District will be open and officials from the North Kansas City School District announced that anyone missing classes would be marked "unexcused" on Tuesday. If only there were a graphics interchange format bitmap image that could succinctly educate the North Kansas City District officials on the importance of Tuesday's event ...