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A Reds Hall of Famer, a former Pittsburgh resident -- where do Sean Casey's loyalties lie?

Sean Casey, who grew up in Pittsburgh, was in high school when he attended Game 3 of the NLCS between the Pirates and Reds in 1990 at Three Rivers Stadium. 

Eight years later, he went on to star for the Reds, where he spent eight of his 12 seasons in the big leagues. He also spent half a year with the Bucs in '06.

And on Tuesday, all three parties were at PNC Park for the National League Wild Card game: The Pirates, the Reds, and Casey. The first two know where their loyalities lie. But Casey? Well ...

"I'm really riding the fence," Casey, now a commentator for MLB Network, said during batting practice. "It's just weird, to tell you the truth."

If Casey's got a favorite, he's not giving it up. On this day, he'll watch the game as a neutral party and hope for the best for both of his teams -- the one he grew up watching, and the one that made him a star. 

"I'm hoping for a tie," he laughed. 

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