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Sean Doolittle's girlfriend kicked him out of the house after he lost the #FaceOfMLB contest

Doolittle's gf kicks him out for losing #FaceOfMLB

Athletics closer Sean Doolittle made an impressive run to the semifinals of this year's #FaceOfMLB contest. First, he beat out his fellow A's to be named the face of the franchise, then he received more votes than Jose Altuve, Yadier Molina, and Felix Hernandez -- earning the right to face Giants catcher Buster Posey.

You know who wasn't impressed? Doolittle's girlfriend Eireann Dolan, who kicked him out of the house upon hearing that he'd fallen short of Posey's vote total and been eliminated from the online tournament.

Dolan's reaction is all in good fun, as she's lent more than a helping hand to her boyfriend's campaign throughout the tournament. She took to Twitter in the early goings to mock Doolittle, much to the delight of ... everyone who isn't Doolittle. 

She even called in and spoke to Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian on Hot Stove in an effort to get out the vote in the semis.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be and now the A's closer is going to be couch surfing for a while. 

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