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Sean Doolittle's little brother is another red-bearded, fastball-hurling reliever

If you were watching the Athletics take on the Angels on Saturday afternoon, you may have been a little confused. Because in the top of the eighth inning, a red-bearded, fastball-hurling reliever by the name of Doolittle took the hill. 

"But," you may have asked yourself, "isn't Sean Doolittle a left-hander? And when did he trim his majestic, wizard-like beard? And why is he wearing those gorgeous stirrup socks?" 

Ryan Doolittle

Turns out, it was Sean Doolittle's younger brother. 

That's right, there's another Doolittle reliever in Athletics camp and this one goes by the name of Ryan. 

The younger Doolittle may be joining his big bro on the Major League squad soon -- spreading confusion in every town that they visit.

As Sean was closing A's games to the tune of a 2.73 ERA at the big league level last year, Ryan reached Double-A, posting a 2.98 ERA between two levels while striking out 9.4 batters per nine innings. He then went on to put up a very nice 1.38 ERA in 13 Arizona Fall League frames. 

Should the younger Doolittle grow his beard out, we could have a real Major League "Parent Trap" on our hands. 

Parent Trap