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See a bird's eye view of the USSOCOM Parachute Team dropping in for a Rays game

Have you ever worried about getting to the game -- spending time calculating the best route to incorporate traffic, parking and that weird intersection on Maple where people forget they have a stop sign? Well, if you were a paratrooper, you wouldn't have to worry -- you could just drop in from above. 

Of course, if you're terrified of heights. this may not be an option for you. 

With the Rays hosting Military Appreciation Day on Thursday at Charlotte Sports Pa, the USSOCOM Parachute Team delivered an American flag and the first pitch ball during a pre-game ceremony -- at the same time, making sure they captured the whole thing with a camera strapped on. 

They also gifted manager Kevin Cash with a baton that they passed around during their freefall. 

That may be the most impressive part: They didn't just scream in terror as they descended towards the ground, they also passed a baton between each other, too.