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Jerry Seinfeld stopped by the Mets broadcast booth to make fun of Keith Hernandez's mustache

Seinfeld stops by Mets booth, mocks Keith's mustache

Show us someone who says they love the Mets more than Jerry Seinfeld does and we'll show you a liar. Fellow comedians Jon Stewart and Jim Breuer are open and, ahem, unabashed in their Mets fandom, but Seinfeld takes it to a whole new level. He even appeared to be grooming new Daily Show host Trevor Noah to hop on the blue-and-orange bandwagon earlier this season.


With the regular season winding down in Flushing, N.Y., Seinfeld stopped by the SNY broadcast booth at Citi Field to speak with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez, reflect on the season that was and hypothesize about another ticker tape parade in Queens.

Seinfeld admitted that his son, Shepherd, is the biggest Mets fan in the family now, and that his wife is a bit of a front-runner. He also cited the Wilmer Flores game as his favorite moment of the season (so far).

He was only scheduled to hang out in the booth for the fourth inning, but starting pitchers Matt Harvey and Max Scherzer were dueling so well that Seinfeld decided to stick around for the top of the fifth.



That added time gave Seinfeld an oppoturnity to show off his fly Mets-themed kicks and make fun of Hernandez's acting ability and mustache/hair color.

Seinfeld: Do they mind that you're not using the [Just for Men] stuff, now? Because, clearly, you're not usin' it.

Hernandez: That's a point. They haven't called me yet, but they do watch. 

Seinfeld: Well, I don't know how big the deal is, but judging from the way you're handling it, it's not that big a deal. I used to like their old slogan, "looks so natural, no one can tell." Ev-er-y-one can tell.


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