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San Francisco Batkid threw out the first pitch at Tuesday's Giants home opener

San Francisco residents and Americans at large have been able to sleep a bit easier knowing that the San Francisco Batkid foiled The Joker's plot and locked up The Riddler late last year.

Back in November, the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned the Bay Area into the scene of a comic book movie as 5-year-old Miles Scott ran around town saving the city's population (and Giants mascot Lou Seal) from chaos and mayhem while living out his life-long dream of being Batman.

Now a household name, Batkid took a break from his busy schedule of untying people from the train tracks and battling leukemia to toss out the first pitch before the Giants home opener at AT&T Park on Tuesday. To say he arrived in style would be an understatement.




When Batkid was ready to throw, Matt Cain escorted him to the mound:

Batkid throw

And the Dark Knight delivered:

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