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A replay review decided that Shelby Miller probably owes Joe Kelly $100

Replay decided that Shelby Miller owes Joe Kelly $100

Shelby Miller and Joe Kelly were both drafted by the Cardinals in 2009 and served as best men in each other's weddings. But last week Kelly was traded to the Red Sox. On Wednesday, he was scheduled to make his first start with new team against none other than his best friend. 

Instead of letting some kind of Professor X-Magneto situation arise, the two men settled on a different solution. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, they bet that whoever gave up a hit to the other would also give him $100:

"He said if he gets a hit off me, I owe him $100," Miller said. "I'm going to invite him over (Tuesday), keep him up, see how long we can play video games until the morning. See how long he can last."

Miller probably wasn't planning on the loophole Kelly found. When he came up to bat against his former teammate, Kelly walked him on four straight pitches:

An inning later, Kelly hit a slow grounder to short and was initially called out at first base. But a replay challenge ruled him safe and voila, $100 richer. 

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