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Sluggerrr vs. Lou Seal: Who would win the Mascot World Series?

Now that we know the Giants will face the Royals in the World Series, we're here to answer the question that's on everyone's minds: Which team has the best mascot? Now, since Sluggerrr and Lou Seal are adults, they don't need to settle this with fisticuffs. Instead, we've come up with a series of other competitions that should definitively resolve the issue.

Best dressed

Lou Seal is known for his vast collection of clothing, sporting some of the most fashion-forward looks on the diamond:

But Sluggerrr was apparently a child model:


So he's got experience on his side.

Advantage: Lou Seal. 

Extreme Sports

Lou Seal is apparently excellent at rappelling (or competitive window-washing):

However, Sluggerrr seems to have invented an entirely new extreme sport that involves gleefully launching trashcans into the air using explosives:

Advantage: Sluggerrr. We demand Flying Trashcans be part of the next Summer Olympics

Cerebral Pursuits

Sluggerrr may have Lou Seal beaten when it comes to niche athletic pursuits, but Lou Seal is an artist when it comes to the more genteel pastimes. No, he's actually an artist:

Sluggerrr likes to pose, though:

Advantage: Lou Seal 

Throwing Shade

Lou Seal is pretty good at light ribbing, tossing snacks at opposing teams' broadcasters earlier in the year and prompting a D-backs announcer to threaten to "drop him like a bad habit." But Sluggerrr? Sluggerrr throws so much shade you'll never get another tan in your life:


I'm looking at you, Cleveland.

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Advantage: Sluggerrr

We seem to have found ourselves deadlocked, so it looks like the mascots will have to wait for the respective teams to settle the issue on the field. The first game of the World Series will take place on Tuesday, October 21 at 8 p.m., on FOX.