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Sometimes, it's better to go in order: Sergio Romo's diving flip starts a 1-2-3 putout

Sergio Romo's diving flip starts a 1-2-3 putout

Cubs' catcher Welington Castillo may have thought he laid down a near perfect bunt when the Cubs tried a safety squeeze in the bottom of the eighth inning against the Giants. Not only would he score the runner from third, but maybe -- just maybe -- he put the ball the perfect distance between the pitcher and catcher to give him enough time to make it to first base. When he saw Giants pitcher Sergio Romo diving to toss the ball home, he probably grew certain of it.

But that's not what happened. It turned out Romo's scoop kick-started a you-don't-see-that-everyday, let's-go-in-numerical-order 1-2-3 putout. 


Romo's graceful diving flip to catcher Jackson Williams, who then fired the ball to first base to nab Castillo, turned the potential RBI single into a sacrifice bunt. Hey, an out's an out, no matter how it gets there. 

And that's how Castillo ends up with two RBIs in zero at-bats in the box score.

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