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Spotted at Citi Field: Mrs. Met is a real, live, baseball-headed being

There was one particularly notable hostess at Wednesday's All-Star Game food preview event at Citi Field: Mrs. Met. While theoretically this Mrs. Met could be Mr. Met's mother or sister, I'm willing to bet she's his wife, who was seen in this commercial (albeit with a much different/non-existent hairstyle):

So, does this mean Mrs. Met will be making appearances at Mets games? While a handful of colleges like Arizona, Houston, NC State and UCLA have "cheerleader mascots," if I'm not mistaken there is only one full-time female MLB mascot: Rosie Red, who is a member of Cincinnati's four-strong phalanx of mascotting. Also, certain characters like the Phillie Phanatic's mother Phoebe make periodic appearances. Personally I'm rooting for Mrs. Met to become an everyday Citi Field presence.

-- Dan Wohl /

h/t: Mets Police via Uni Watch

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