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Stan Lee hangs out with Sergio Romo at Giants' 'Superheroes and Comics Night'

Stan Lee hangs out at Giants 'Superheroes Night'

Face front, true believer, for Saturday night was Superheroes and Comics Night in San Francisco. It makes sense -- after all, what is a box score, but a number of sequential images that tell a story? Naturally that meant that the forefather of the modern superhero comic, Stan Lee, was in attendance. 

Not only did Lee admit that he has picked up Thor's hammer "many times" ...


... but he also got to spend some time with Sergio Romo, he of the amazing, unbeatable slider: 


There were all manner of wondrous, not-quite-in-continuity heroes in attendance, too. Like Spider-Seal:

And these slightly off-brand Marvel creations: 

It was a fitting night to host the event, with both the Uncanny Madison Bumgarner on the mound (5 IP, 10 K), and the Incredible Giancarlo Stanton and Enormous Justin Bour in the ballpark.

I mean, just look at these guys. Are you telling me that they aren't Inhumans from the Blue Area of the Moon?   


Shockingly, though, there was no appearance from current San Francisco resident Daredevil, who even visited AT&T Park to take some batting practice in a recent issue. That's probably because he was out fighting crime. 


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