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Starting Nine: A Pirates' life for me

1. The Pirates walked it off in the 14th inning Sunday, beating the Brewers 2-1 and tallying their ninth consecutive victory. The Bucs, who haven't finished with a winning record since 1992, entered Monday with an MLB-best 51-30 mark.

2. The Marlins wanted some pie, too:

3. Michael Cuddyer extended his hitting streak to 27 games on Sunday and is now nearly halfway to Joltin' Joe's record.

4. This may have been the best catch all weekend:

5. The Rays dressed like preppies for their third themed road trip of the season on Sunday. Also, Joe Maddon cleans his glasses using the team water cooler:


6. The Pirate Parrot reached a bit too far for a foul ball on Sunday, and, well, just watch the video:

7. That kind of missing-foul-ball business just doesn't happen to Jim Harbaugh. He's ready for the baseball and he will catch it:


8. No rays were harmed in the making of this Miguel Cabrera home run, which landed in Tropicana Field's Rays Touch Tank:

9. Here's R. Kelly running through his slew of No. 1 hits over the years at last night's BET Awards. And yes, it appears he's covered in spikes.

-- Cut4 Staff