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Stealing home is the coolest thing in sports and here's irrefutable evidence supporting that fact

GIFs of people stealing home (because it's awesome)

With confusion and chaos so prevalent in these modern times, it's nice to know that everyone with a pulse can unanimously agree that a straight steal of home is the coolest occurrence in sports.

Ty Cobb is MLB's career leader with 54 swipes of home and holds the single-season record with eight (1912). Jackie Robinson famously did it in Game 1 of the 1955 World Series. Babe Ruth did it 10 times in his career. Bryce Harper did it for his first career stolen base when he was just 19.

It's coolest if done while the pitcher is committed to the plate, without another runner baiting a throw to another bag. Basically, a straight steal of home makes you the baseball equivalent of The Fonz. Just ask Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.


Ya know, or any of these guys: 

David Peralta did it, and he used to be a pitcher. The 26-year-old rookie found new life as an outfielder for the D-backs last year and caught the Rockies off guard.


Speaking of rookies ... Jonathan Villar stole 18 bases in 58 games for the Astros in his first year in the bigs, including the time he swiped home against the Orioles.


Jacoby Ellsbury did it in baseball's biggest rivalry. In April of 2009, the current Yankee was manning center field for the Red Sox. After stretching his lead on the two previous pitches, daring the Bronx Bombers to pay attention to him, Ellsbury broke for the plate.

Remember when Louisville won on a walk-off straight steal of home? This is as close as you'll get in MLB action. Everth Cabrera stole home to tie a game in the ninth inning and Will Venable came around from second on the errant throw.

If you were wondering what makes Omar Vizquel such a great base coach, it's probably the awareness he used to employ when he was on the bases. When he was 41 years old, Vizquel -- then a Giant -- noticed that no one was paying attention to him and stole home against the A's.


Most of the guys with double-digit career totals in steals of home played back before stadiums had lights. Paul Molitor would be the exception to that rule. The current Twins manager swiped home 10 times in his career, including this straight steal gem from 1992.


Stealing second isn't cool. You know what's cool? Stealing second, stealing third and then stealing home like Devon White did in 1989.


Let us know if we missed your favorite steal of home in the comments below.