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Stephen Curry was given a hero's welcome at Friday night's Giants game

Curry gets standing ovation at Giants game

Stephen Curry is king of the Bay Area right now. The NBA's reigning MVP just led the Golden State Warriors to their first Finals appereance in 40 years, his silky jump shot and impossibly adorable daughter forever earning him a place in the hearts of Northern California. He's also got some downtime at the moment, with Game 1 against the Cavaliers still almost a week away, so Curry took the opportunity to mingle among his subjects while supporting those other champions by the bay -- the San Francisco Giants, who played host to the Braves on Friday. And, as with any royalty, some ceremonial duties were required:

Stephen Curry Giants game

A really impressive job of keeping your cool, everyone around him. Pay no mind to the fact that Stephen Curry is right next to you -- you can save that freakout for the hot dog line. 

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