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LA, NY congressmen made a delicious wager on the outcome of the NLDS

LA, NY congressmen made a delicious on NLDS

There are very few ways to make the strikeout-heavy, name-branding homer fest that is the Mets-Dodgers National League Division Series more exciting than it is right now. One of those ways, though, is to give the series stakes that are high and delicious.

Adam Schiff and Steve Israel, congressmen from the Los Angeles and New York areas, respectively, made a friendly in-House of Representatives wager on the outcome: If the Dodgers win, Israel will send Schiff a batch of New York bagels. If the Mets win, Schiff has to ship gourmet popcorn straight from Burbank.

According to a joint press release from the congressmen, the loser will also, "wear the tie of the winner's team and deliver a one minute speech on the House floor extolling the virtues of the team moving on." As thrilling as that "School House Rock" stuff sounds ... what about those snacks? Has anyone ever tried putting popcorn on bagels? If the series is tied in the ninth inning of Game 5, can we get the two to merge local delicacies into one super-snack? Is anyone else really hungry right now?

The representatives, who both entered Congress in 2001, spent the days leading up to the series trading food-based barbs:

With the Mets' 3-1 win on Friday, Israel is one step closer to enjoying some L.A. popcorn -- but Schiff probably shouldn't count out those bagels quite yet. And, as the Los Angeles Times points out, Israel and Schiff aren't alone in adding culinary stakes to the series, and it all sounds delectable. We will have one of everything, please. 

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