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Episode 34 of the Cut4Cast: Can Lil B out-curse the Billy Goat?

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There are many things that make the postseason great: Dramatic home runs, packed stadiums and, of course, curses. 

No, curses aren't great when they happen to your team, but they are great when they're finally broken. On this week's episode of the Cut4Cast, Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Ben Cosman discussed some of the most notable curses currently affecting the 2015 postseason squads. Was the Curse of the Billy Goat finally exorcised when those people ate that goat in Chicago? Will Lil B's blessing of Toronto prove as potent as his famous curses? We will find out.

The team discussed those questions and more -- here's a breakdown of the episode, along with helpful timestamps to aid you in finding the topic you're most interested in:

7:07 -- Which postseason curse do you think is the most potent? 

15:46 -- Which Major Leaguer would you want in your wedding party?

24:12 -- What are the best kind of national anthem performances? Who else should perform it?

And, if you listen to the whole thing, you'll learn why we said these things:

Ben: "Yeah, why can't goats attend baseball games?"

Gemma: "I would like to have the kind of wedding that is full of spectacle and pyrotechnics."

Dakota: "First of all, managers should absolutely be able to sing."