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Suns out, guns out: New Phillies center fielder warms up for game in Hooters tank top

Phillies CF warms up in Hooters tank top

You might not have heard of Odubel Herrera yet, but the Phillies center fielder has been making a (new) name for himself down at Spring Training.

Herrera, who used to go by "David" (Odubel is his middle name), is trying out a new position. Previously an infielder, he's set to patrol center field for the Phils on Opening Day as the club moved Ben Revere and his impressive glove over to left

If Herrera's .328 Spring Training average this year didn't get your attention, his recent warmup outfit surely will. 

Clearwater, Fla., is the home of Phillies Spring Training and the birthplace of Hooters. Hooters girls actually patrol foul territory for the Phils at Bright House Field, so it's not entirely shocking that Herrera was able to snag one of the shirts.

Suns out guns out, amirite? 

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