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The D-backs' 'Lemonade Guy' got to meet Taylor Swift (or the other way around)

D-backs 'Lemonade Guy' meets Taylor Swift

Somebody call VH1 because Derrick Moore is having the best week (well, two weeks, really) ever.

On Aug. 7, Moore -- who you might know as the D-backs' "Lemonade Guy" -- was voted by fans as the first ever #BestMLBVendor

Then, just when you thought that things couldn't get any better than being honored as the top professional in his field, Moore got to rub shoulders with the biggest pop star on the planet. Taylor Swift brought her "1989" world tour to Gila River Arena in Glendale, Ariz., where she sought out Moore.

In a post to her Tumblr, Swift identified Moore as "Skittles Guy," because he was such a hit peddling the candy during her "Red" tour a few years ago.

"For those of you who have fallen in love with 'Skittles Guy' because of the video of a man passionately selling Skittles before my show on the Red Tour, I got to meet him tonight. His name is Derrick and he knows you guys are obsessed with him. He sells lemonade now and comes up with rhymes to sell it and just generally delights people in the crowd. I was really excited to meet someone who puts such personal flare into his job. Tonight's crowd was unreal and I love you guys so much."

So, Moore's first in his field AND he's been endorsed by Taylor Swift. The dude is, like, one good photo op away from being a legitimate presidential candidate in 2016.

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