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#TBT: 51-year-old Satchel Paige arrives at mound via helicopter, wins professional baseball game

Satchel Paige wins a game at 51 years old

Yes, 58 years ago, in front of more than 57,000 fans at the Orange Bowl (estimated to be the largest Minor League crowd ever), Satchel Paige earned a win for the Miami Marlins against the Columbus Jets. The Marlins were the Phillies' Triple-A affiliate at the time. Oh, Paige was also 51 years old and arrived to the mound via helicopter. Here are some more details from  

The Marlins nickname made its first appearance in 1956 when the Triple-A franchise from Syracuse, New York moved south and into Miami Stadium. The legendary promoter Bill Veeck was brought in to run the team and one of his first acts was to sign 50(ish) hurler Satchel Paige. Paige's Marlins debut was one to remember, as Veeck arranged for a helicopter to deliver him to the mound on Opening Night ... a crowd of 57,713 filled the stadium for a 6-2 victory by Paige and the Marlins over the Columbus Jets.

Paige apparently went 11-4 that season with a 1.86 ERA. He wouldn't officially end his pro baseball career until about 10 years later.