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10 ways to turn the Winter Meetings into the Winter Wonderland Meetings

10 ways to turn the Winter Meetings into a wonderland

The Winter Meetings are going down this week in Nashville, Tenn., which means it's the high point of offseason activity as all the GMs, teams, reporters and job seekers gather in one hotel to catch up, network and make earth-shattering trades. 

But we at Cut4 feel like something is missing. After all, shouldn't the Winter Meetings actually be the Winter Wonderland Meetings? Here are our 10 suggestions on how to keep the event focused on baseball, but still give it some festive cheer along the way. 

1. Santa's war room. Each team has some kind of "war room" set up where the analysts, scouts, and executives can get together and break down the big moves. Instead of a drab conference room, this one comes complete with Christmas lights and singing, dancing Santas. 


2. Hot chocolate machines throughout the hotel. Sure, writers are going to want their coffee, but it's time for a warm, wintry treat. 

3. Gift wrap center for the presents that teams can give to their new trade acquisitions. Just imagine if after signing Zack Greinke, the D-backs could have gifted the pitcher with a carefully wrapped copy of "Shawshank Redemption." 

4. Sled zone. Head outside the hotel and there will be a hill ready to go with sleds and artificial snow. Because GMs need a way to blow off some steam. Plus, how many more moves would go down if two GMs started chatting while waiting their turn to go down the hill? 


5. Trade offers made through Santa. Rather than having to call up Billy Beane or meet Theo Epstein in his hotel room, you just go to Santa's workshop (located next to the waffle maker in the breakfast area), make your request, and he runs it through the appropriate channels. If the answer is "No," he brings back coal. If the answer is "Yes," well ... 

6. WiFi password: FrostyTheSnowman

7. Press conferences are given inside a recreation of Elsa's frozen castle. And every question must be asked to the tune of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?


8. Forget cabs, Ubers, or luxury sedans. Teams will be arriving to the Meetings en masse on reindeer-carried sleighs.

9. Ugly sweater day. Instead of everyone wearing suits, polo shirts and all manner of business casual, the last day of the Meetings is time to let your hair down and toss on an ugly holiday sweater. 


10. Yankee swap. No, this isn't a trade with the Yankees, but rather a gift exchange. (Perhaps you know it as a white elephant party or a secret santa party.) 

Everyone brings a gift and numbers are drawn out of a hat. After that, presents are picked and stolen from each other. Except in this case, it's not gifts that are swapped, but players. Tell me you wouldn't love this kind of chaos.