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Terry Francona craves popsicles, ate 17 the other night

Terry Francona ate 17 popsicles the other night

We've all been there: You open up a box of Girl Scout cookies and suddenly there's an entire sleeve gone and you've got to pretend you shared them with friends or family to marginalize the shame of having eaten AN ENTIRE SLEEVE OF COOKIES by yourself.

Indians manager Terry Francona knows this as much as the rest of us.

Tito apparently has an affinity for a certain low-calorie popsicle that is readily available on the team's flights, and he's basically obsessed now. So much so that he ate 17 the other night. Yes, 17.

How is it possible that he ate so many he lost track? How is it possible to not get tired of the things? The real question, actually, is when can we expect arts-and-crafts hour in the Indians clubhouse?

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