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A Texas Little Leaguer homered off the Texas flag pole to give his team the lead

Texas Little Leaguer homers off the Texas flag pole

In the third inning of Sunday's Little League World Series Third Place Game, Texas right fielder Raffi Gross knocked a two-run home run that turned a one-run deficit into a one-run lead and that HIT THE TEXAS FLAG POLE.

After scoring one run already that inning, Texas still trailed 2-1 when Gross stepped to the plate with a runner on first, and promptly launched a pitch to left-center field to give his team a 3-2 lead.

And because this is the LLWS, where no home run is just a home run, it ricocheted off the flag pole stoically lifting up his home-state flag.



And then:


Watch the whole thing here ... and go ahead, watch it a dozen times -- we have. 

Texas lost its lead and entered the sixth inning down, 4-3, before Isaac Garcia hit a three-run home run and lifted Texas to its eventual 6-4 win. Some might say Gross' home run off the Texas flag was an omen for his team's victory. We're not going to say it was, but we won't say it wasn't, either.