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That time Jon Hamm made Batman wear a Cardinals hat

Jon Hamm, a self-proclaimed comedy nerd and star of the forthcoming baseball flick Million Dollar Arm, stopped by the new version of Late Night to chat with Seth Meyers about the film and (obviously) all of his work on Saturday Night Live. If you weren't already aware, Hamm is a BIG St. Louis Cardinals fan and, apparently, the owner of a really, really big head.

If you skip to the 2:10 of the interview, you'll hear Meyers and Don Draper talking about the biggest heads in SNL history. Hamm was told only one person in the history of the show has a larger noggin than him ... Batman. He goes on to talk about making Ben Affleck try on a Cardinals hat to prove it. 

"I gave it to him to try it out and it literally sat on top of his head like a little toy hat," Hamm says. 

Believe it or not, we here at Cut4 have a Hollywood insider who was there when Affleck tried on Hamm's Cards hat and was able to snap a soon-to-be-infamous image of the ordeal:

Affleck Cards Hat

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