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That's Marwin 'Game Breaker' Gonzalez to Yu!

Yu Darvish flirted with perfection on Tuesday night against the Astros, but alas, shortstop Marwin Gonzalez got the best of the Rangers right-hander. Cut4's own Dan Wohl probably put it best with this four-line poem (with a good deal of assistance from the Beatles):

Perfection's flowing out like

Endless rain into a paper cup 

It slithers wildly as it slips away 

Across the Yuniverse 


But that got us thinking: Who is this Marwin Gonzalez? 

Born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, this is Marwin's second season in the bigs. The 6-foot-1 shortstop only hit .234 in 205 at-bats in 2012, but he's shown brilliance with the glove and  bat in the early portion of this year. And after his golden knock against Yu-know-who, the sky really could be the limit. 

So, although we feel for Yu (no, not you), we're also happy to get to know young Marwin. And we're glad to know that he believes in dinosaurs, unlike Carl Everett, the last player to break up a perfect game with a clean single, and two outs, in the ninth inning.

-- Matt Monagan /