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The 11, umm, 'best' pictures from Photo Day

The 11 'best' pictures from Photo Day

The three best days during a Major League season are, in order: 

1. Opening Day

2. The start of the World Series

3. Photo Day

While Opening Day and the World Series make plenty of sense because, you know, baseball, Photo Day is wonderful for an entirely separate reason. Because Photo Day is a reminder that despite the fact that Major Leaguers are rich, fabulously talented athletes, they are still capable of taking an awkward Yearbook picture. 

So after combing through this year's pics, which ones are the very best? Glad you asked. 

Joel Hanrahan is hungry

No! No, Joel. Baseball's are for throwing, not eating. 

Joel Hanrahan

Marcus Stroman's hair

Who needs a full photo when you've got hair like that?


Corey Kluber may or may not have taken one photo and just been Photoshopped into others

We're not entirely positive ...


Ichiro Suzuki will be starring in a revue of Bob Fosse's greatest works

It'll be off-off Broadway. 


Rajai Davis saw a ghost

He may or may not have been making pottery. 

Rajai Davis

Jack Murphy's perfect hair ... and mustache. 

It's like looking into a mirror that shows you how you wished you looked . 


Wade Davis confronts the very idea of "baseball"

Simultaneously breaking it down as a social construct and a symbol of both the idea and the very thing. 


Dallas Keuchel's beard has become its own unique individual

Complete with a separate and distinct personality with its own wants and desires. Namely, designer handbags. 


Jared Hughes just realized he left the oven on


Jared Burton

Wilfredo Tovar has a secret

Someone call TMZ. 


Terrence Gore defies gravity, doesn't know how


Terrence Gore