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Remember the best of 2015 with's 15 most-watched highlights

Ah, 2015. It seems like just yesterday we were getting to know you, reintroducing ourselves to the green grass, blue skies and many, many Will Ferrells of Spring Training. Alas, after 12 whirlwind months, it's time to say goodbye -- no more balk-offs, no more bat flips, no more bat signals

But the Year of Bartolo wouldn't want us to simply sit around pouting about time gone by. And so, before we turn the lights off for good, let's take one more look back at the moments that captivated us most this season. They made us laugh, they made us cry, they're's top 15 most-watched videos of 2015.

15. Yordano Ventura gets himself tossed

Back in April, just a few months removed from their classic AL Wild Card game, tensions were running high between the A's and Royals -- culminating in Yordano Ventura being ejected for plunking Brett Lawrie. Also note Jim Joyce's mustache was already on point just a few weeks into the young season.

14. Nori Aoki enters the Matrix

When Nori Aoki was caught leaning the wrong way feet off the first base bag, most assumed he was done for. Joke's on them, though, because Nori Aoki is an airbender.

13. Rougned Odor scores the weirdest run of the year

Jose Bautista's bat flip into the heavens is the defining image of the classic Game 5 between the Rangers-Blue Jays. But were it not for Joey Bats' heroics, we'd all still be talking about how Texas took the lead on a throw back to the pitcher that hit Shin-Soo Choo's bat

12. The Pirates turn a triple play

Baseball's been around for quite awhile, so the vast majority of plays have been recorded on a scorecard at least once. But back in May, the Pirates managed to make baseball history, turning the very first 4-5-4 triple play ever.

11. Junior Lake homers and clears the benches

In a June game against Miami, the Cubs outfielder hit a long home run to left field. Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto either didn't take it too well, or was very excited to alert Lake to the dog conducting interviews at Marlins Park.

10. Jonathan Papelbon has some words for Bryce Harper

And by "words" we mean ... well ...

9. Ichiro takes the hill

Ichiro has accomplished a lot over his Hall of Fame career -- 10 All-Star appearances, an MVP award, almost 3,000 hits. But until this season, one box was left sadly unchecked: He had never pitched in a Major League game. Turns out, he's pretty good at that too.

8. Ichiro hits his first dinger as a Marlin

Don't worry, though -- Ichiro had plenty of traditional success as well in 2015, including this three-run shot against the Mets.

7. Jose Bautista sends Toronto to the ALCS

Remember that "bat flip to the heavens" thing we mentioned earlier? Take it away, Jose.

6. The Blue Jays put up a five-spot

Toronto didn't just rake in October, though. They were the league's best offense, and they started doing damage early -- like back in April, when they touched up Indians starter T.J. House for five runs in one inning.

5. Carter Capps' delivery rocks baseball

What's the only thing more frightening than a reliever throwing 98? A reliever throwing 98 while LEAPING TOWARD HOME PLATE.

4. Ichiro fakes out a baserunner

With the tying run on first base in the bottom of the ninth, you'd expect a double off the wall to tie the game. And ordinarily, you'd be correct, except Ichiro and his Jedi mind tricks happened to be in right field. Poor Joaquin Arias never had a chance.

3. Ichiro beats the tag on review

If your primary takeaway from this list thus far has been, "Wow, is there anything Ichiro can't do?" the answer is no, definitely not. His slides are so acrobatic, they even fooled the umpire. 

2. The White Sox and Royals get into a tussle

To be fair, if it was so cold you had to play baseball wearing a face-warmer, you'd be pretty upset too.

1. Cubs fan makes catch of the year ... in her beer

There was a time when most fans would need to bring a glove to the ballgame if they wanted to take home a souvenir. But in 2015, the art of the fan catch evolved from the mundane to the resourceful to the awesome. The master of the form (an eventual Esurance MLB Award winner) came to us from Wrigley Field. She needed nothing but a cup of beer, and she knew exactly how to celebrate.