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The Braves apologized to their fans with a Valentine's Day card in 1976

After finishing 40 1/2 games behind the Reds and second-to-last in the National League West in 1975, the Braves needed to do something to show their fans they cared. So with the season fast approaching, the Braves did the only reasonable thing possible: they mailed their fans a Valentine's Day card. 

Here's the poem that makes Shakespeare look like a complete hack:

"Rose is a Red, Morgan's one too
They finished first, like we wanted to.
But last year's behind us, we're happy to say
Now we're tied for first, Happy Valentine's Day." 

Unfortunately, the outpouring of love wasn't enough. The Braves finished 70-92 and in 6th place in the division. Though this time they were only 32 games back -- so it looks like love is worth roughly 8 games. 

Even better, if you're looking for a last-minute gift for your significant other, you can actually buy the card here. Happy bidding, Braves fans.