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The fan who invented 'Balfour Rage' got to throw a first pitch

First pitches aren't just for politicians, celebrities and corporate sponsors. If you're an everyday, bleacher-dwelling fan who does something particularly awesome, you might get the honor as well.

That was the case in Oakland on Sunday, as Will MacNeil, the originator of the "Balfour Rage" phenomenon, took part in the ceremonies before the Mariners-Athletics game. Beginning humbly with MacNeil pumping his arms furiously to the strains of Metallica's "One" at a lightly-attended 2011 game, the Balfour Rage has spread into a phenomenon that consumes the entire Coliseum at every entrance of their closer. 

So the next time you have an offbeat crowd ritual idea, don't hesitate to do it. You never know how much fame it will eventually bring you.

-- Dan Wohl /

Video courtesy Alex Espinoza / Real-Time Correspondent