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The guy who invented the 'Altuve' measurement unit finally meets Jose Altuve

Have you ever seen a really long home run and wondered how far in feet it traveled? Sure, maybe. But have you wondered how many Altuves it was? 

After seeing a long ball hit by Justin Maxwell last season, Astros fan Bryan Trostel decided he would begin calculating all baseball measurements based on the height of Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

Home to first base? 16.6 Altuves. Aroldis Chapman's 104 mph fastball? 28.2 Altuves.

On Monday, Trostel was at Minute Maid Park for the A's-Astros game and was able to finally meet Jose.

"For him to come up and say that he liked the website was really neat," Trostel said. "It was great to get to meet him."

To calculate your own Official Standard Listed Altuves (OSLA), visit