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The Giants continued a new post-World Series tradition by sending the Royals celebratory pizza

Giants bought the Royals pizza to celebrate WS win

Baseball is full of traditions. We stand in the middle of the seventh inning to sing, reserve most of our tubed-meat-eating for the ballpark and only bring our closers in during save situations (well, maybe that one should change). 

It looks like baseball may be getting a wonderful, new tradition. And this one may be the best yet because it involves pizza. 

After the Royals beat the Mets on Sunday night to win their first World Series in 30 years, the Giants, who beat the Royals in last year's World Series, decided to send the team 25 pizzas to celebrate. Because even grown-ups want nothing more than a pizza party after playing sports. 

According to an anonymous source with the Giants, San Francisco got the idea to send the 'zas (sorry) after the Red Sox, who had won the 2013 Series, sent the team some pies after last year's World Series.

First, sports teams sending each other pizza, next, world peace? Stranger things have happened. 

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