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The Dodgers looked effortlessly fly while flying to St. Louis for NLDS Game 3

Are the Dodgers the coolest team in baseball?

The Dodgers staked their claim to Coolest Team In Baseball when they traveled to St. Louis over the weekend.

The team took a bus, a plane, and did some good old fashioned foot-stepping on their way to Busch Stadium for Game 3 of the NLDS Monday. The journey was chronicled by official Dodgers photographer Jon Soo Hoo and one thing's for sure: the Dodgers looked FLY. AS. HECK.

Seriously, just look at Juan Uribe and Game 3 starter Hyun-jin Ryu, exuding the utmost style. What is Uribe's jacket made out of? Only the finest, most luxurious of textiles, we assume. 


And, of course, one Mr. Yasiel Puig. Simply exuding in the middle of a parking lot.


It's a well-established fact that it is nigh impossible to look cool on a bus. Uribe and Puig defy the constraints of reality:


Kenley "I'm fresh even on an airplane" Jansen. 


Check out Puig's stare down. This is a man ready to play for the series lead in the NLDS.


Take a gander at the whole gallery on Jon Soo Hoo's Dodgers photoblog. Along with Taylor Swift walk-up songs and tickle fights, it's a helpful reminder that you will never be as cool as the 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers. 

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