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The Padres are bringing back the brown pinstripes because nostalgia cannot be stopped

Padres to bring back brown uniforms on Wednesdays

The thing about fashion is that it always comes back around. It's why you stole your dad's Member's Only jacket, and it's why you're holding on to those ridiculous caricature T-shirts from when you were 13.

This offseason, the Padres added a brand-new outfield featuring Matt Kemp, Wil Myers and Justin Upton. Now, the team has decided to become the new-old-look Padres, because it's bringing back the brown pinstripes from the Reagan administration.

On five Wednesdays throughout the 2015 season, the Padres will rock the throwback brown pinstripes at Petco Park as part of the team's "Way Back Wednesdays" promotion. The games will also prominently feature music of the era, so you'd better go find that Hall and Oates Big Bam Boom tour T-shirt.

Sadly, no word on whether or not the team is implementing a grooming mandate like the Yankees ... but to require players to grow Jheri curls. It would be an unprecedented but popular move. Here's hoping.

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