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The Steelers-Ravens SNF game has significant implications for next year's MLB season

McCutchen and Jones had a lot riding on the SNF game

Think Sunday's AFC North rivalry matchup had little effect on the 2015 MLB season? Think again.

Thanks to a friendly Twitter wager between Andrew McCutchen and Adam Jones, the outcome of the Steelers-Ravens game (the Steelers won 43-23) will dictate the wardrobe of one player on their respective baseball counterparts -- for a day, at least.

First, a proposal was extended …

… and interest was piqued:

The terms were established:

And the bet was on:

So while the Steelers and Ravens were battling out for an advantage in a tight division, McCutchen and Jones upped the stakes. Will Jones follow through? Will we see him in a Ben Roethlisberger jersey for one day next season? This may not seem like a big deal to you, but city loyalties must be defended and upheld. 

Look at that -- four days into the offseason and we already have our first tense storyline of the 2015 MLB season. 

Update: This article originally suggested that McCutchen had lost the bet. The Steelers won, so Jones lost. 

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