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The Timber Rattlers are making dreams come true with their funnel cake cheeseburger

Timber Rattlers unveil new funnel cake cheeseburger

I'm not sure about you, but buying a ticket to a baseball game is an implicit agreement between myself and society that I am being permitted to eat as much as want, judgment free. If I feel like eating 18 hot dogs in nine innings, this is the place to do it.

Fortunately, the Timber Rattlers, the Class-A affiliate of the Brewers, and their head chef Tim Hansen understand that. Hence two of their ballpark creations for next year. 

The first is an upgraded patty melt. This bad boy is a cheeseburger delicately tucked between two grilled cheese sandwiches. From now on, that's what I want to sleep on -- grilled cheese sandwiches. 

But the team waited to release its greatest creation on Friday. With mad scientist-like ambition, Hansen has done what so many dreamt of, but no one dared do: He has created the finest carnival burger. Forget using a donut as a bun -- that's so passe. Instead, this is a cheesy bacon burger with funnel cakes for bread. 

Even better, it's an important part of Dr. Nick's balanced diet.