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It took 36 years for the first triple play to be turned at Dodger Stadium

In the 36 years and thousands of games between the opening of Dodger Stadium in 1962 and June 13, 1998, 166 triple plays were turned in MLB. Not one of them occurred at Dodger Stadium.

But 17 years ago, with the Rockies visiting the Dodgers, the fans in attendance witnessed history when pitcher Darren Dreifort fielded a bunt and kicked off a 1-6-4-5 triple play -- the first within the confines of Dodger Stadium.


Any play featuring Bobby Bonilla is a good one, but especially if it's the first triple play in your stadium's history. And there's nothing like getting the first one under your belt -- there have been three triple plays turned at Dodger Stadium since, including two in 2014.

But the Dodgers' opponents that day were less impressed. Maybe it was because it was the first time the Rockies were ever on the receiving end of a TP (or involved in a triple play, at all), but Kurt Abbot, whose bunt started the play, was pretty clear in his post-game interview with the Associated Press:

"I don't give a hoot about their triple play. We won the ballgame. … Congratulations. They turned a triple play. I'll pat them all on the back tomorrow."

Well, he is technically correct: The Rockies prevailed, 4-2.